Moon Capital Management, LLC

Moon Capital Management, LLC is a Knoxville, TN based financial firm, offering wealth management services and a variety of private investment funds. The form employs a value-based approach in managing its assets.

In my role as a summer intern, I was responsible for a diversity of roles, ranging from technical projects to stock pitches. The most significant technical project I contributed to was a security screening, search engine optimization and template improvement of the company's website (

In this role, I also gained significant exposure to many aspects of finance and wealth management. I prepared and presented discounted cash flow analyses, historical data reports and news briefings on various companies. I was also a part of many educational new client events and internal company meetings.

A blog post I contributed media to

A blog post I contributed media to

In addition to these technical and financial roles, I contributed to the company by editing multiple client press releases and company blog articles. I also created and incorporated multiple media resources (photos, graphs, etc.) into these different reports. Through my internship at Moon Capital Management, LLC, I took away new business skills and insights, furthering my interest in finance and entrepreneurship. This opportunity contributed directly to my application (and admission to) Campus Enterprises, LLC the following year.

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