Freelance Web Developer

During my time in high school, I ventured to earn extra money through web development services. I reached out to friends and family, offering to design, host and maintain websites for their businesses. In completing these jobs, I learned many technical and business skills which laid the foundations for my future interests.

My two largest development projects include redesigning the Case Antiques, Inc. website and creating an inventory database for my Uncle's collectible shop.

The Case Antiques, Inc. site ( is built on WordPress, utilizing the platform's plug-ins and media management system heavily. This made a redesign difficult, as I had to reverse-engineer and learn these systems. Through this, I learned many aspects of WordPress that I would not have encountered otherwise. In the end, I was able to create new templates and media resources for the site, refreshing the company's online image before a large auction.

The redesigned Case Antiques, Inc. website

My second-largest undertaking was designing an inventory management back-end for my Uncle's collectible shop, Anchor Antiques. This application was built using an SQL Server for storage, PHP as a processor and a browser-based front-end. This project gave me valuable insight into database structure and scalability, as well as experience with full-stack web application development. In addition to these web development jobs, I also self-studied different programming languages during this period. This knowledge proved very helpful in my later projects, as I was proficient in multiple aspects of development.

Summary of Programming Skills

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