Duke Crux

Crux is Duke University's undergraduate journal of Christian thought. With around 25 people on staff, the journal publishes a print magazine semi-annually, a blog post every one to two weeks and facilitates "Crux Conversations" each month. Crux is a member of The Veritas Forum's network of undergraduate journals called The Augustine Collective.

Fall 2018 Issue

In my role as Blog Managing Editor, I worked with writers to develop online blog posts by managing draft deadlines and offering editorial feedback. I was also responsible for maintaining both design and content coherence across the Duke Crux website. I was promoted to this position in summer of 2019 because of my previous web design experience and former success in the development of magazine content. This new position greatly augmented my responsibility, as I was now responsible for a group of designers and the publication's website in addition to my writing team and editorial duties.

In my initial role as Magazine Content Editor, I worked with a team of two other editors to bring 6-8 magazine articles per issue from the early drafting phase all the way through the copy editing stage. This position was invaluable in honing my ability to work with and manage a team, as well as my writing and communication skills. This role pushed me to recognize bias in writing, present opinions in a constructive manner and write with a wide audience in mind.

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