Campus Enterprises, LLC

Campus Enterprises is Duke University's oldest and largest student-owned and operated business. Generating over $1MM in revenue and $350K in net income over the past three years, the company is involved in ventures ranging from food delivery to apparel design. I was selected after a competitive, multiple-round interview process to join as one of the company's 42 shareholders. In my role as a Director of Next Ventures, I am responsible for both growing existing businesses and launching new divisions.

CE 2019

Campus Enterprises, 2019

Some of my current projects within this role include the development of a real-estate application, coordinating the logistics of on-campus move-ins and move-outs as well as various internal technical upgrades. These responsibilities have provided me with exposure to business and management skills outside of my previous, mostly technical portfolio. Managing a group of people on a strict deadline for our moving division, BlueBox, has been the largest of these learning experiences.

On the whole, my position in Campus Enterprises has allowed me to combine previous technical experience with practical management skills, taking abstract problem solving and applying it to daily business functions.

CE Services

Campus Enterprises' Services

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